Food and Beverage

Brew tanks, bottling systems, gas piping; if you’re in the food and beverage industry, getting quality equipment installed—and doing it right the first time—are the keys to reducing costs and downtime. Whether it’s on-site installations, off-site custom fabrications, or general facility maintenance, we are here to help!

What we offer

QMI specializes in the fabrication and installation of brewing and distilling piping systems for steam lines and glycol systems. This includes carbon steel, copper piping, PVC plastic, non-process systems, and custom parts such as sanitary hoses. Among the other services we can provide our food and beverage clients are:

  • Installation of new equipment including chilled and process water, steam, condensate, wort, yeast, mash, beer, wine, stillage, vapor, and product piping, as well as tanks and transfer lines
  • Fabrication of structural steel platforms, catwalks, and ladders
  • Boiler and chiller setting and installation of piping
  • Heat transfer installation
  • Agitator, pump, and valve installation
  • Liquid process system design and liquid process system engineering
  • Installation of CIP skids and piping
  • Stainless tubing and pickled/oiled carbon steel piping
  • Installation of spray dryers and associated stainless steel and carbon steel piping
  • DI and RO water skids and associated piping
  • Fulfilling GMP requirements
  • Orbital welding
  • Passivation
  • Boroscoping
  • Removal of old vessels after an installation

Hungry for an equipment upgrade, need a repair, or looking to plan out a new build?