Taylor, MI: 5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Return Money

It’s tax return season and we know that money can burn a hole in your pocket! The IRS reports that the average tax return is $3,120. This can take you a long way, especially if you want to invest it in items that will give you long term value, such as your HVAC system.

  1. HVAC maintenance plan: Having your air conditioner and furnace maintained is critical to having a working system year-round. By spending the money now, you can ensure that your system works efficiently, which results in less breakdowns and lower operating costs. Expert has great maintenance plans for both residential and commercial customers.
  2. A/C Replacement: Spring may just be getting started but summer is quickly approaching. Beat the heat and focus on investing your money in a new air conditioning system. Not only will you stay cooler during the warmer months, but investing in a new piece of equipment will result in long term savings.
  3. Accessory Upgrades: Upgrading items such as your thermostat can not only help to make your house warmer or cooler but can also save you long term money. Having a programable thermostat allows you as a business or homeowner to set the temperature for different parts of the day. Setting these designated temperatures can result in long-term money savings.
  4. Furnace Replacement: If you furnace is barely making it through the winter, it may be a good idea to invest in a replacement now while you have the money. Combo a new furnace with a new ac and your family or business will be comfortable all year round.
  5. Additional accessories: If you’ve always thought about adding on other accessories to your home such as a humidifier, air purifier, or generator now is the time. If you’re considering renovations to your home such as an addition, or a garage upgrade, consider adding a ductless split for year-round comfort.

Expert Heating & Cooling is a leading full service HVAC company serving Southeast Michigan. With a heavy concentration of customers in the Downriver area, the company also performs installation and service in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw, and Monroe counties. Call today to put your tax money to good use 734-676-4488.