Taylor, MI: Ways to Hide Your A/C Unit

Spring is the time of year when everything begins to blossom, make sure your AC fits in your garden. As a Michigander, we love this time of year- it’s when the snow and cold go away, and in comes flowers blooming and warmer weather. For many homeowners, this means more time spent outside in the backyard.

Unfortunately, although your air conditioner brings much joy inside your home, many homeowners consider their equipment to be an eyesore. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to cover you’re a/c unit! Landscaping is a great way to provide a great visual appeal to your backyard, but it can also benefit your unit. By protecting your unit with landscaping, it provides shade to the unit, which in returns results in the unit being cooler and not having to work as hard. If you choose landscaping be sure to follow a few simple rules:

  • Be sure to pick shrubs that grow up and not out, this will cover the unit without interfering with operation
  • Plant your new landscaping with appropriate distance, you want to make sure your HVAC technician can reach the unit without ruining your shrubbery
  • If you don’t want to plant shrubs nearby, opt out for potted plants and flowers, this still covers the unit while having the option to be easily moved
  • If you’d rather, work with a local landscaping company

Another option for covering you’re a/c unit is to use fencing. If your yard is already fenced, you can use the same option as you did to fence your yard. If you want something smaller, or less private, choose a lattice fence option. If you want the option of both a lattice fence and greenery or flowers, you can get the best of both worlds with trellises. This option allows for a fence to cover the unit and allows greenery to grow along the lattice.

Now, go enjoy your beautifully designed backyard while outside, and your “cool” AC unit while you’re inside!

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