Taylor, MI: Home Automation and Carrier

With a new year comes new technology, and Expert Heating & Cooling is up with the latest trends. In 2017 the biggest technology movement we will see is home automation. Also known as “smart home” home automation allows control and automation of lighting, HVAC/thermostats, and security all of which our brand dealer Carrier is extremely familiar with. The Carrier Cor thermostat is a Wi-Fi thermostat that falls under the home automation category.

This allows  smart home owners to be able to check their thermostat from their smart phone, tablet, or computer no matter where they are. You will even get system updates and alerts such as when to change your filter or humidifier pad.

The Cor thermostat is also compatible with the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, otherwise known as “Alexa”. There are a variety of commands that you can tell Alexa to change your thermostat temperature, take a look at the video to see how we use it in the office! Just say: “Alexa turn my office thermostat down 2 degrees” and she will do it for you, no moving from your couch involved! Carrier also offers products such as automated home locks.

These are awesome additions for the safety of your smart home and family. If you are away from the home and you need a technician to stop by to check on your furnace you can unlock the doors from your office and allow the technician to go inside without having to rush home and miss work. There are a plethora of other products that can turn your whole smart home into an automated system. Expert Heating & Cooling is a leading Factory Authorized Carrier Dealer and services the tri-county area including but not limited to Wayne County, Oakland County, and Macomb County.  If you are interested in starting off your home automation with a Carrier Cor Thermostat give Expert Heating & Cooling a call 734-676-4488.