Wyandotte, MI: Complete Guide: Your HVAC Unit & Your Pets

HVAC for Pets

Almost 70% of all households in the United States own pets. Pets hold such an important place in our hearts. As a pet owner we must take care of the daily responsibilities such as feeding, cleaning, and lots of attention. However most pet owners don’t think about their HVAC equipment and how much their indoor air quality can affect their pets. Below we will go over how to make your home more comfortable for all your loved ones!

  • Bathe Regularly: Make sure your pet gets bathed regularly. Bathing your dog removes pollens, dirt, and odors which can collect in your pets’ fur. Getting a good bath helps to keep potential allergens off your animal and avoid them from circulating in your home. It also helps inflamed or infected skin and damaged hair.
  • Install a Whole House Air Purifier: Carrier Air Purifiers clean up to 75% of micron sized particles making the air in your home healthier to breathe. It easily installs in-line with your ductwork and performs as a whole-house air cleaner removing particles as the air travels through your ductwork.
  • Keep Them Away from Equipment: Pets can be curious especially when they are young. Make sure to keep them away from all equipment to avoid chewing, clawing, and urinating on your HVAC units. Inside make sure where you keep your furnace is concealed by a door or gate. Outside build a barrier with a fence or landscaping to keep your dog away.
  • Clean: Make sure to always be sweeping, vacuuming, and cleaning up pet fur. Don’t forget about your upholstered furniture and beds especially if you let your furry one sleep with you.
  • Clean Filters & Get Maintenance: Ideally with a pet you should replace your filter once a month. If you need a more heavy-duty filter let us know, and we can upgrade you. Also make sure that we come out to check out your equipment twice a year so that everything is running up to par.


Tips on specific animal types:

  • Dogs: Dogs can adapt very well to cold or hot temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about them during the day when your program is down. If you keep your dog outside, make sure to bring them indoors in freezing cold temperatures and provide them with plenty of shade and water during extremely hot temperatures.
  • Cats: Similar to dogs cats can last in cold and hot temperatures but they also need a break during extreme temps.
  • Birds: Depending on your bird’s origins they may be used to warmer temperatures. During them summer time don’t position them or their cage directly in front of your air conditioner vent.
  • Reptiles: Most reptiles require a habitat that has their own heat provided. Make sure to read up on corresponding information about heat lamps and humidity.

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