Downriver, MI. Central Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Since the technology was invented in 1902 by Willis Carrier air conditioning has become present in almost 90% of US homes, as well as shops, restaurants, and offices. Choosing to install central air to your home or replacing your current equipment can be a daunting task. Check out buying guide below to help you get through the buying process without any issues.

Important Things to Consider

  • Size: British thermal units measure an air conditioners cooling capacity also known as BTU’s, this means that you will be looking at your central air by ton, 1 ton of cooling equals 12,000 btu. If you are upgrading your current system don’t just assume that you should buy the exact same system hat you had before. Your comfort consultant will be able to discuss any reason to go down or up in size


  • Efficiency: Consider purchasing Energy Star products. Earning Energy Star means products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. By choosing this equipment and taking steps to optimize its performance, you can enhance the comfort of your homes central air while saving energy. Saving energy helps you save money on utility bills and protect our climate by helping prevent harmful carbon pollution and reducing other greenhouse gases.


  • Thermostat: there are several thermostat types – non-programmable, programmable, and WiFi. Consider those options when choosing what thermostat you want to control your system. Using a programmable thermostat can reduce your cooling costs by almost 10%. WiFi thermostats are also an excellent option. You can see and control your thermostat from your phone or tablet, this works great for those that go out of town often. It will also alert you for maintenance and service of if there are any issues.


  • Maintenance: A/C manufacturers recommend yearly maintenance. Failure to maintain a unit can result in issues and can void warranty. Consider utilizing the signature central air service plan after installing your new equipment to keep it in top shape, avoid issues, and prolong the life of your unit.


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