Taylor, MI: HVAC Mistakes to Avoid

The smallest mistakes made with HVAC can create long term headaches, and can become extremely costly. Below are listed the most common HVAC mistakes so that as home or business owner you can learn to avoid them and save money and time.

Ignoring signs that your system may need service or repairs.

If your furnace or air conditioner is making a noise or you feel as if you are not receiving proper heated or cool air, there may be an issue. The sooner you can call a professional company to come and look at it the less costly the repair will more likely be. Not only will you save money long-term, but you will also save yourself and those in the building from sacrificing their daily comfort.


Setting your programmable thermostat too often or incorrectly.

Programmable thermostats help by having pre-programmed settings to regulate your home temperature. HVAC systems provide the most efficiency when set for longer periods of time. Adjusting the temperature too often can cause your system to work too hard, ending up in more wear and tear. Avoid turning up the thermostat to heat the rooms of your house more quickly. Because a thermostat is set to program the overall heat of the house and not a specific room, this can result in a waste of energy.


Having no annual maintenance provider.

Annual cleaning, system checks, and tuning are all necessary for HVAC equipment. In the fall months heating equipment, should be checked for proper operation, with cooling equipment being check in the spring. Avoiding annual maintenance can lead to short life span of equipment, costly repairs, and higher operating costs. Save your family or business money and nuisances by scheduling your maintenance today.


Keeping return air vents blocked.

Although an air vent may not be the most attractive part of your home décor avoid from blocking it with furniture and objects. Blocked air vents result in a lack of air circulation and can stop the system from working efficiently. Arrange your furniture or decorations accordingly to avoid having a significant reduction in air flow.


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