Taylor, MI: Furnace FAQ’s

Furnace FAQ’s

Q: Why is my furnace making a weird noise?

A:  All heating equipment is going to make some noise regardless of operation, however, you will need to identify the noise and see if it is something that requires service.

FAQ’s-Squealing noise:  the sound of metal rubbing against metal can make this sound, something can be lacking lubrication, or a malfunctioning blower motor.

FAQ’s- Banging noise: this can be a result of the flexing of your duct work when the pressures changes, or dirty burners that cause a delay in ignition, the gas builds up and eventually ignites all of the built of fuel, this is something that must be looked at by a qualified HVAC technician – this is a key reason to get your furnace clean and check.

Grinding noise: just like squealing, it could be lack of lubrication or the blower wheel may be loose from the motor wheel, possibly even broken, again this needs to get checked out by a professional to fix properly.

Q: Why does my heat smell bad?

A: There are many smells that can come from your heating system, some are normal, and some can be dangerous. A musty smell can occur from dampness that collected in and on the furnace. The smell should go away after running your furnace for a few hours. Smells like this can occur when you are turning on your system for the first time of the season. Chemical, electrical burning, rotten egg, and smoke smells are all ones that require immediate calls to your HVAC professional. The unit could be damaged and potentially unsafe.

Q: How long does a furnace last?

A: On average your furnace should last you about 15-20 years. It comes down to maintenance on your unit. If you receive your annual furnace clean and check, then you can expect to receive the maximum life expectancy from your unit. Between your annual maintenance visits you can give your furnace extra care by changing the filter about every three months. A dirty filter makes your furnace work harder and replacing this helps to improve efficiency and your home’s indoor air quality.

Q: Why does my furnace keep turning on and off?

A: If your furnace is frequently turning on and off this is a problem the industry calls “short cycling.” The most common reason why this could be happening is a dirty air filter, like we mentioned above this can restrict airflow which can result in the unit turning off. Another reason could be linked to your thermostat, you may need to replace the batteries or have a new installed. Lastly, the furnace that was installed may not be the proper size for your home. Check with your local HVAC expert if you think this may be the case.

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