Want to work with Reliant Mechanical? We treat our customers like family, and that goes double for our employees and contractors. We’re always on the lookout for talented self-starters than can also be team players when the time calls for it.

We offer competitive pay, benefits, and strive to make Reliant an enjoyable and gratifying place to work. And we put your safety as a worker on-site first. Learn more about us and our safety-first values.

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    Our History

    In the late ’70s and early ’80s, a global manufacturing company built three major manufacturing plants in western Union County and eastern Logan County in Ohio. These plants and their supporting infrastructure led to many opportunities for local companies willing to pursue them. Reliant Mechanical, Inc. was created in 1986 to take advantage of those opportunities. And it has only grown from there—Reliant is recognized as one of the top mechanical firms in Ohio, performing both residential heating and cooling services as well as commercial mechanical construction projects, mechanical maintenance support, as well as quick and effective emergency response.


    Today, we are a privately held, full-service residential heating and cooling contractor and commercial mechanical contractor. We have approximately 100 associates in Ohio who serve industrial, commercial, and residential customers. We specialize in installation, maintenance, and repairs for heating, cooling and refrigeration systems; plumbing and fixtures; process piping; sheet metal and structural steel; and conveyor systems.

    Our Core Values

    A company’s core values set the tone for how it expects everyone from ownership down to employees in the field to conduct business with associates, customers, business partners, and competitors. These core values define the standard we hold ourselves to at all times. We conduct business with openness, fairness, and integrity—we lead by example, as that’s the way we hope to be treated ourselves.

    Our core values are:



    Working safely is no accident. At Reliant, safety is our number one priority, and our comprehensive safety program helps us strive toward our goal of an accident-free workplace. 

    • Reliant employs a full-time health and safety manager whose duties include safety training, on-site safety audits, and accident/injury investigations.
    • Reliant requires field associates to attend safety awareness training sessions (conducted by the safety manager) or toolbox safety meetings (led by their job site supervisor) weekly.
    • Reliant provides all our field associates with the needed personal protective equipment (PPE), including (but not limited to): fall protection, eye and hearing protection, hard hats, lockout/tagout tools, safety gloves, masks and respirators, and appropriate uniforms.
    • Reliant provides specialized training in forklift operations, work platforms, confined spaces, and hot work.
    • Associates are empowered and encouraged to stop or not participate in any unsafe work practice without fear of reprisal.
    • Reliant guides all associates to remove any dangerous tools from service and provides resources for their repair or replacement.
    • Reliant spends over $200k annually in safety-related expenditures.



    At Reliant, we are committed to quality. Throughout the years we have had the privilege to work with a very large global motor company and have inherited their high expectations for quality. With our constant criteria of quality and our pursuit of perfection, Reliant can be a leader in our field.

    A Focus on Customers

    Whereas some contractors see customers purely as transactions, to be squeezed for as much money as possible, we strive to be a conscientious partner to those who come seeking our help and put them first before the bottom line. We want to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, as that is better both for them and for our long-term viability as a company. We’re here to serve our community and the people in it first—successful companies tend to be the ones that treat people right.

    Honesty, Integrity and Respect for People and the Environment:

    In addition to treating customers right, we extend that belief to all that we come in contact with through our company. We believe in conducting Reliant with the same core values as its Corporate Operating Committee holds personally: with honesty, integrity, and respect for people and the environment. These values guide our daily interactions with associates, customers, business partners and, competitors, and is embedded in our company culture.