Why should I have a professional perform maintenance on my furnace or air conditioner?

Peace of Mind with Expert Heating and CoolingMany homeowners make a conscientious decision to take on the task on maintaining their furnace and or air conditioner. Those who have a solid background mechanical service can avoid some of the common pitfalls. Very few can come close to the level of service a seasoned professional can provide.

Reduce Emergency Furnace and AC Repairs

Having a professional clean and maintain your system will result in a reduction of emergency service calls throughout the lifetime. Many times, components such as heat exchangers, capacitors and contactors show signs of failure prior to the actual occurrence. A seasoned professional will be able to identify these and recommend replacement during the annual maintenance call, greatly reducing emergency service repairs.

Lower Operating Cost of Furnace and AC Systems

Hiring a professional will lower your operating cost. Cleaning indoor and outdoor coils, blower wheels and burners are only part of maintaining and increasing efficiency. Knowing that the refrigerant levels are correct and that all of the components are operating in sync and at peak efficiency keeps your utility cost down and your peace of mind up.

Safety First

Letting a professional provide annual preventive maintenance keeps your family safe.

No maintenance is complete without a thorough test of all safeties up to and including a heat exchanger test to ensure utmost in family safety. Any appliance that operates on gas and/or electricity should be inspected on an annual basis.

Lower Long Term Cost of Ownership

And finally, allowing a professional to provide annual preventive maintenance will maximize your systems life expectancy. Adding 2, 3 or 5 years to the longevity of your system can save your family thousands of dollars over time. Quite often this benefit is overlooked due to the annual expense.

Expert Heating and Cooling has many options when it comes to preventive maintenance. Please contact our office at 734.676.4488 to inquire. We look forward to helping you stay safe, save money and enjoy the peace of mind knowing your system is in capable hands.