Taylor, MI: Tips to Organize Your Home this Spring

Organize it!

Spring, the time of year to deep clean and organize your home. Spring cleaning is the way to rid the cold winter days  and prepare for warm summer days outside.  Make life a little easier by organizing your house during your spring cleaning to make summer even more effortless.Here are some tips for getting even more organized this year.

  1. Start by going room by room – and don’t stop until you are done! Going one room at a time breaks up the day for you and you will feel more accomplished as you get each room done.


  1. File all that paperwork! Buy a file storage box, or even a filing cabinet. This will help to keep all your important pieces in one place. Continue to file in there as the year goes on.


  1. Shred all that paperwork you don’t need! Use your at home personal shredder or find a shred day in your local community, I am sure there are plenty!


  1. Sell things you don’t want or need anymore! With spring also comes garage sale season. Plan a day or see when your neighborhood is hosting a garage sale. Put items up for sale to get rid of that clutter and gain a few dollars in your pocket.


  1. Go through the kitchen cabinets that you normally don’t purge. Go through spices and canned goods and get rid of anything that has expired. If your kitchen could use more organization, put like items together in cabinets, or purchase organizational systems for your cabinets and refrigerator.


  1. Clothing is a big clutter item. Go through closet and decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. You can donate your gently used clothing to a local shelter or donation center.


Enjoy your summer by getting all these daunting tasks off your to-do list, and most importantly enjoy the process. After you complete your spring cleaning you will feel a difference. Don’t forget to also make sure your home is in top shape before the warm weather is in full effect. Call Expert to check off air conditioning maintenance off your list. Call 844-EXPERT-1.