Humidifiers: Tips for maintaining your furnace and staying warm this winter

In the Downriver, Michigan area, there is a heating and cooling company that stands out in a crowd. Expert can help keep your humidifier in working order this season. Expert Heating and Cooling employees roughly fifty providers of emergency troubleshooting, repairs, preventive maintenance, equipment installations as well as design build and plan and spec services. From your first contact to the completion of service calls or installation you will experience excellent communication. Whether clients are interested in designing a new residential or commercial system, having a furnace or air conditioner replaced, or having an existing system serviced you can plan on speaking with and developing a plan with a trained industry professional. 

Expert Heating & Cooling staff can help you enjoy your home more. Owner Mark Angellotti gives this advice to his friends and family, “Get a licensed mechanical contractor to do a complete clean-and-check or furnace inspection to ensure the unit is operating at peak efficiency.”

A licensed contractor will make sure all safety devices have been tested and are operational. They should also check that the heat exchanger is intact and not leaking gases into the home.

Some things you, as a home owner can do, is change your furnace filters with regular frequency which is normally twice per season. Dirty filters cause the unit to work harder and push the air through the filter, making your unit to run with less air flow capacity and possibly break down.

You can also check air flow from the vents to ensure that the heat coming from the system and check that it is reaching all the spaces of the home. Sometimes the vents are blocked by furniture, or drapes restricting air flow. Also, replace the battery in your thermostat every season

This maintenance process should include checking your humidifier. Change your humidifier pad in the fall and simply turn the damper to “winter”. Adjust your humidistat to 30 -35% and turn your water valve to on.

Angellotti says, “People often overlook fallen leaves clogging the high efficiency furnace pipes. This can cause a situation that can shut a furnace down in the middle of winter.” So make sure to clear any obstructions from outside vent-pipes to allow for proper air flow of the intake and exhaust to the furnace. If you haven’t checked yet, take a peak outside now!

Also don’t forget about your AC. You don’t want it running and dialing up costs when it’s frozen outside. Angellotti advises, “Flip your AC fuse block upside down to prevent accidental winter startups.”

Expert Heating and Cooling has many options when it comes to your heating and cooling needs. With a heavy concentration of customers in the Downriver area, the company also performs installation and service in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw and Monroe counties.

Please contact the office at 734.676.4488 to inquire about how the Expert staff may help you take control of your indoor temperature. They look forward to assisting you stay safe, save money and enjoy the peace of mind knowing your home or commercial system is working with capable trained technicians on call for you.