Taylor, MI: Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

All HVAC needs regular maintenance to run at peak operation. Setting up a commercial maintenance plan is key to maintaining positive morale, keeping costs down, and having peace of mind. Just like your vehicle if you don’t change the oil, and replace filters and belts it will not run properly or eventually break down, this is the same thing that can happen to your heating and cooling equipment.

Expert Heating & Cooling works closely with owners and managers to develop a smart, efficient, and customized plan designed to deliver the most value for your business’ heating and cooling equipment and commercial facilities. Creating and executing these HVAC plans will ensure maximum operating performance and extend equipment life. Not only will you be happy as an owner or manager by saving money, but you will make your employees and customers happy with comfortable temperatures in your facility.

Commercial equipment replacement requires experience. Expert understands that when dealing with a landlord, tenant or owner occupied customer, that lost time equals lost money.

Fall and spring maintenance are the basic maintenance most facilities need whether they have split systems or rooftop units which house both HVAC  heating and cooling elements. Depending on the internal environment other visits may arranged, such as interim filter changes. Below is a small list of tasks that we will take care of at an appointment:

  • Change filters
  • Check or change belts
  • Check pulleys, shafts, and blower housings
  • Check and oil or grease all motors, linkages, and bearings
  • Check, tighten, and amp all electrical connections and motors
  • And so much more!

With a heavy concentration of HVAC customers in the Downriver area such as Southgate, Riverview, Taylor, and Trenton, the company also performs residential and commercial installation and service in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw, and Monroe counties. Please contact the office at 734-676-4488 to inquire about how the Expert staff can help create a tailored plan for your commercial facility.